International HPC Summer School 2016

on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences Ljubljana 2016

The seventh International HPC summer school in 2016 took take place in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and European Green Capital 2016, from June 26 to July 1. This unique event brought together 80 excellent students from many parts of the world, to participate for one week in an exciting program coupled with dedicated mentoring and networking.

Leading European, Canadian, Japanese and American computational scientists and HPC technologists will offer instruction on a variety of topics, including:

¤ HPC challenges by discipline (e.g, earth, life and materials sciences, physics)

¤ HPC Programming Proficiencies

¤ Performance analysis and profiling

¤ Algorithmic approaches and numerical libraries

¤ Data-intensive computing

¤ Scientific visualization

¤ Canadian, EU, Japanese and U.S. HPC-infrastructures

June - July 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia